Rebound the short film is based on “Rebound” the short story, a tragicomedy by M.J. Corey that was published to acclaim in The Brooklyn Rail in 2011.

Neurotic and newly lesbian, MJ (ShaQuanna Williams) is having a rough night out at Brooklyn’s iconic gay bar, The Metropolitan. Amongst the dive bar’s sea of characters and $2 PBR’s, MJ waits for anything to take her mind off of The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, who’d just broken her heart. With her best friend (Cindy Ho) in tow, she treks her way through the eclectic and legendary—yet often anticlimactic—landscape of New York after dark.

The film, directed by Leslie Kwon (If You Lived Here, 2014) and shot by Rex Yau, is not only a portrait of a bar scene, but an unusual and funny coming-of-age story for NYC and Brooklyn audiences, and beyond. Rebound will be full of familiar faces—our cast was pulled straight from the local gay scene, and this film is as much a love letter to that community as it is to the city as a whole.