Cast & Crew

leslie_kwon Leslie Kwon

Leslie Kwon is a Korean-American video artist and film director. Her work is about the obsessive quality of memory and trying to define the moments that connect people together. Currently living in Brooklyn, she is previously from Seattle, San Diego, and Philadelphia.

MJ CoreyM.J. Corey

M.J. Corey is a writer and first time producer. Originally from Minnesota, she now lives in New York and writes true and embellished stories about women, self-love and self-hate, weirdos, lovers, and strange impulses. The favored subject, though, is New York City. It seems important to note that The Metropolitan was her second home in the summer of 2010. She’s getting her MFA in non-fiction at Columbia currently and is working on three manuscripts. For more info, check out

shaquanna_williamsShaQuanna Williams
Lead (as MJ)

ShaQuanna is a multi-disciplinary performance artist based in New York. She began her artistic training at the age of 4 with dance (jazz, ballet) training. At 9, she began voice training and performed in the choir and local theatre and has continued with more classical voice training under private instruction. It wasn’t until her undergraduate experience at 19 she discovered and began studying the craft of acting. She currently trains at Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York City.

Rebound was her first film audition and MJ is her first lead role in a short film. She would like to thank M.J. Corey and Leslie Kwon for the opportunity to be a part of this awesome project. For all inquiries please contact:


Cindy Ho
Lead (as Rachel)

Cindy Ho spent time with the Living Theatre Conservatory as a photographer,  inadvertently attending their Film and Theatre University classes. A designer by day, this is her first film. Prior to living in Brooklyn, she lived in Seattle and Beijing.



Nikki Patel
Lead (as Alex)

Born in Corpus Christi, TX, Nikki graduated with a degree in Psychology from St. Edwards University in Austin, TX, and moved to NYC in 2003.  While studying neuroscience at Columbia University, she realized  NYC was the perfect place to pursue her lifelong passion of acting.   Her first job was a lead in  a commercial for a national Indian restaurant chain for the East Asian Network.  Nikki is an experienced martial artist, and although she doesn’t compete anymore, she continues to train daily.  In addition to acting, she is also classically trained in opera and has studied wine with an esteemed sommelier program in NYC. In her free time, she likes to blind taste a multitude of wines and enjoys visiting vineyards.

rex_yauRex Yau

Cinematographer by day, foodie by night; photographer for 16 years, locked myself in architecture school for 6. I don’t care about making money, I just like really really REALLY nice things. I love my dog.